Denver Mile High Rotary Announces Two Scholarship Winners
Denver Mile High Rotary is excited to announce the results of our second year of scholarships to high school seniors.  Our youth are the future of the world and we are proud to award a $2,000 scholarship to each of these two extraordinary high school seniors:
Aa’ Janai Gaines, who graduated from East High School on May 23rd.She also attended CEC Middle College of Denver during her senior year. Aa’ Janai has been accepted into and received a scholarship for MSU’s Denver Public Safety Cadet Program, a specialized training and education program designed for students interested in careers with Denver Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments.
Alejandro Torres graduated from Aurora Central High School (ACHS) on May 24th with a GPA of 4.197.He has been accepted and awarded a four year Distinguished Scholar Award for tuition at Colorado Mesa University where he will pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on graphic and visual design.
Click Here to learn more about these two excellent students.
Denver Mile High Rotary on the Move?
Denver Mile High Rotary has been meeting at the University Club for 27 years and we have thrived at this venue. But it is a good time to consider other possible meeting locations.  These the other venues that we are trying out through early June:
May 18th - Denver Turnverein - 1570 Clarkson Street, Denver, CO 80218
June 1st - The Tavern at City Park Golf Course  - 3181 E. 23rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80205
The offsite meetings will start at 7:00am and end at 8:30. Breakfast will be provided and we will have our normal business meeting on the May 18th and June 1st.  On May 25 we will be at the Court house and enjoy a tour.  
If you would like to visit the Club during the next few weeks, contact us through the website.  The next meeting at the University Club will be June 8th.
Denver Mile High Rotary: Operation Allies Refuge
In August of 2021 the U.S. military ended an almost 20-year presence in Afghanistan and withdrew all troops from the Country. Many Afghans who had been employed by the US Government are now part of “Operation Allies Refuge”.  This government initiative is relocating  the employees and their families to the US.
Denver Mile High Rotary is proud to sponsor a family through this program.  The Club is assisting in the family’s assimilation for at least one year.   Their areas of need include housing, household furnishings, transportation, education, medical, employment, cultural activities, food sourcing and local urban awareness.
The Club has 13 volunteers helping the family to adjust to the significant changes in their lives.  If you would like to join the volunteers, please contact Tom Cella or Marty Waters.   Interacting with the family will be an extraordinary experience for each of you.
The Rotary Club of Rudramati Kathmandu and the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High are proud to announce the approval of the Nepal Cold Storage Global Grant 2010856 by The Rotary Foundation. Rudramati Rotary and  Denver Mile High Rotary have partnered on several grants in the past with very successful outcomes. Denver Mile High is fortunate to partner with the Rudrumati Club and work with their committed and highly motivated members
Uganda Mental Health Global Grant, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High, was launched on August 31, 2021. 
The 9-month project consists of two primary activities: 1) mental health counseling and 2)  empowerment skills.
The first stages of the project were to provide booster training for current health workers, train new trainers and train new health workers.  These trainings were all essential to prepare for the primary purpose of the the Grant:  to offer counseling to the community members with mental health issues. 
The reaction of the new trainees has already confirmed the importance of this grant:
  • Jenneth, a newly trained health worker, said that the training he received gave him a lot of knowledge that he is going to use for the rest of his life.
  • Margaret said that, with what she and the other new health workers learned, they will be able to do something good in the community.
As of early January, the Grant has funded 1671 counseling sessions.  The next step is to provide 100 young mothers with economic skills to help them launch successful businesses.

$103,500 Water Grant in Zimbabwe
Click here for PowerPoint presented by Stella Dongo from Zimbabwe on COVID19 and its impact on Rotary activities
Denver Mile High Rotary has partnered with the Rotary Club of Highlands in Zimbabwe since 2005, focusing on economic training for women.  But when the Highlands Rotarians met with community representatives from Tafara and Mabvuku, in the suburbs of Harare, the Rotarians found out that clean water was a much bigger issue.  So we turned our efforts to rehabilitating current community wells, drilling new ones, and emphasizing improved sanitation.  Get the rest of the story.
Volunteering Opportunities
The impact in 2020 of COVID19 was devastating and Denver Mile High Rotarians rose to the challenge.  Whether we were packaging food, painting storage facilities or assisting with COVID19 vaccinations, we were contributing time and money to help.
Denver Mile High is once again hosting meetings in person with social distancing.  We invite you to visit us at the University Club in downtown Denver.  Meetings are also accessible on Zoom.  Contact us for more information about joining us.
Looking for a Club? Join Us for a Meeting!

The Rotary Club of Denver Mile High meets every Wednesday at 7 AM in downtown Denver at the

University Club, 1673 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203

Visiting Rotarians are welcome to come any time. Friends, family and those interested in the club are invited for breakfast and a speaker as well. 

Contact us to learn more about Denver Mile High Rotary! 

Why Denver Mile High Rotary?

We're known for our warm atmosphere and friendly members who champion many different service projects.  Although we have a variety of backgrounds and professions, we share a common goal—making  a difference in our community and around the world. Joining Denver Mile High Rotary will connect you to a global network of humanitarians who live the motto, "Service above self." 

May 2022
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