Nepal Cold Storage Global Grant
The Rudramati Rotary and  Denver Mile High Rotary have partnered on several grants in the past with very successful outcomes. Denver Mile High is delighted to partner with the Rudrumati Club and work with their committed and highly motivated members
The grant efforts will be directed primarily to women, youth and lower caste members in order to provide education, self-reliance, and a greater source of income to this population.
The grant will supply
  • a large cold storage facility (to extend the shelf life of fresh produce);
  • a green house (to allow starting plants from seed and to extend the growing season);
  • a food processing facility (for food preservation on a larger than domestic kitchen scale); and
  • a dehydration unit (again for producing shelf stable food products).
In addition, the grant will provide training and education in
  • best practices agriculture methods;
  • effective and long-term marketing of seasonal produce;
  • preservation of produce into long shelf-life products for extended revenue production; and
  • basic financial management for personal and entrepreneurial purposes.
This combination of equipment and training will benefit about 500 households in the two communities.   
The project will begin within the next quarter in preparation for the upcoming growing season and be complete in approximately one year. This project is endorsed by the Nepali government and hopes to serve as a model for other municipalities in Nepal to follow. 
The Rudramati Club is hitting the ground running - organizing venues, rounding up the instructors, ordering equipment, working with NGOs to select participants, along with many other tasks required to implement this large grant. Denver Mile High Rotary looks forward to helping in any way possible during this implementation period, and several members look forward to visiting the project upon completion.
For more information, please contact Annely Noble (303-842-8725 or