A big part of Denver Mile High Rotary are the friendships we make and the fun we have. Denver Mile High Rotary is active in the community and a social network that gets out into the bustling city of Denver and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. When you join Denver Mile High Rotary Club, you'll be invited too! Some of the social events we host include: 
  • Monthly Happy Hours
  • Ski and Snowshoe Trips
  • Hiking
  • White Water Rafting
  • Brewery Tours and Tastings
  • Club Dinners
  • Book Club
  • Fundraisers
  • Travel to the Rotary International Convention
Coronavirus has presented some challenges but we are still involved and have become quite creative.  Notice the social distancing.
Audrey and Ronnie volunteering
Paula and Aspen hiking.  Where's Bruce?
Diane Messamore's quilt
Everyone's protected       
Betty Speir preparing for Easter 
With daffodils from her garden
What's going on at the Convention Center?  And who are these people?