Member Resources
Paying Club Dues
Contact Carolyn Schrader with questions
Most Club invoices can be paid using a credit card directly on line through the invoice itself.  But some Club members prefer other payment options, and some invoices cannot be paid that way (the transmittal email will advise you if that is the case.)  So other payment options are:
  • Pay by check sent to Steve Blazek, our Club president (address is        on invoice)
  • Bring a check to a Club meeting and deliver it to Steve Blazek
  • ACH, which can be arranged with the Club Treasurer
  • Zelle, using a direct bank to bank transfer.
Enroll with Zelle® ( your bank must offer Zelle transfers as a service)
  1. Sign into Online Banking or mobile banking on your electronic device
  1. Go to "Send Money with Zelle®" in Online Banking or the Zelle tab in the Mobile app.
  2. Agree to terms and conditions.
  3. Enroll your account.
  4. Verify security code.
  5. You're ready to start sending/receiving payments through your bank account using Zelle.
Send money to Denver Mile High Rotary Club
  1. l. Enter as the unique identifier for the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High. You can use DMHR as the name of the Club.
  2. Enter the amount of the payment and an optional memo. (e.g., invoice number)
  3. Review your payment. Make sure that you've entered the correct email address for the Club; then hit "Send."
Making Cash Donations to the Club Foundation
Contact Noreen Keleshian with questions
The Club Foundation is the repository of funding the Club’s humanitarian activities.  Fundraising is the primary source of funds, but members also make direct cash contributions to the Foundation.  Ways to donate include:
  • Send a check in any amount to our Club Foundation Treasurer.Be sure to include on the memo line any pertinent information:
Noreen Keleshian, Treasurer
Rotary Club of Denver Mile High Foundation
3220 S. Locust
Denver CO  80222-7410
  • Bring a check to a Club meeting and deliver it to Noreen.
  • Click on Donate to be directed to our secure online donation site to make a one-time donation or to set up automatic monthly donations using a credit card PayPal.
Club Expense Reimbursements
If a Club member has incurred a reimbursable expense related to Club activities, the appropriate form and instructions for reimbursement can be found by clicking here
Foundation Payments and Reimbursements
Payments from the Club Foundation can be Grant related or funds for a service project.  The form for requesting a payment from the Foundation can be found by clicking here.