Zimbabwe Community Empowerment
Zimbabwe Women's Empowerment through Training
The women trained through the Zimbabwe Community Empowerment program learned how to save and use their own savings to start businesses.  Working in groups, they developed business plans and learned effective business management. Having learned both computer skills and effective social media, they now market to their clients, track profits and connect to their families around the world.  They were introduced to technology that enhances their  market and attracts new customers.
One outcome of the training has been the impact of successful participants on their communities.  They have become mentors and role models, sharing what they learned and how they make it work. This is one reason why well over 300,000 people have been positively affected by these grants.
Sixty-seven Rotarians and 20 non-Rotarians have given their time and expertise to develop and deliver the training
for these Grants.  The Highlands Rotarians have embraced the communities that they work with and attend trainings, graduations and celebrations.  They have also collected amazing stories from the participants.  The power of these Grants has been the change in attitude of the participants, who never before saw the potential to improve their lives.
Critical Water Needs
As the Highlands Rotary has identified new communities to work with, a greater need has been identified: available potable water.  Women in these new communities say they cannot learn if there is no clean water available.  So the program is moving in a different direction:  repairing and replacing boreholes to deliver water in Tafara and Mabvuko.  More information will be available soon as this new project is developing.
Our Rotarian Partner
Stella Dongo and Carolyn Schrader have been partners in the Zimbabwe Rotary projects since 2005.  In 2015, Stella was named one of only six Rotary Global Woman of Action as a result of the Community Empowerment Projects.  She was also featured in the Rotarian Magazine.