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Woohoomanity Challenge is Denver Mile High Rotary Club’s fundraiser bike ride and one of our most popular events.  The ride is sponsored by Denver Southeast Rotary and piggybacks on the Denver Century Ride.   Support one of our members and your commitment will come directly to Denver Mile High Rotary.  The funds raised enable our Club members to do some wonderful things for the community. 
Our local service projects have involved food security, conflict resolution, critical thinking for kids, and health services, including vaccinations.  Around the world were are organizing and participating in projects that will provide clean water in Zimbabwe, train farmers in Nepal and provide mental health services in Uganda.  We take pride in living Rotary’s motto: Service Above Self.
We have nine Club members riding this year, almost double the number last year.  Melanie Gentz, Steve Blazek, Tom Cella, and Marty Waters. Six additional Club members participating this year are Annely Noble, Robin Springer, Charlene Porter, Debra Flick and Margaret VanVliet and Janis Cella.  The fundraising part is easy—sponsor a rider for any amount to support our work.   
If you want more information about the ride or want to sponsor a rider from our club, click here.