Thulo Parsel Water Project
Thulo Parsel is a remote community in Nepal that provides guides for trekkers in the area.  This is virtually the only source of income for the village.  Denver Mile High Rotary first collaborated with the village in 1996 to provide a drinking water supply system.  The community thrived with the benefits of clean water until the 2015 earthquake that destroyed that system.  Because the Club had stayed in touch with the local leaders, they asked us if we could work with them to help. We said “yes.” 
Working with ICA Nepal, a non-profit organization that facilitated the project, Denver Mile High Rotary partnered with the Rudramati Rotary Club to create a District Rotary Grant.  The Grant provided funding for the repair or replacement of sections of the water system; it also focused on improving the sanitation in the village through campaigns, workshops and training.   
Fourteen villagers made the repairs to the water system: more than 1600 meters of new pipe were laid.  There are now 519 households, housing over 3,000 people, that once again have access to clean drinking water.  No more walking miles to get water that may or may not be drinkable.   
Training the children in school was an important element of the project and the key to sustainability.  The children learned why, when and how to wash their hands.  They also learned how to effectively reinforce to their parents the importance of what they learned. A Children Corps was created and taught to be “Sanitation Mobilizers,” reminding their parents of the importance of handwashing often.
A Rotary Community Corps (RCC) was also created to coordinate with the local government ongoing maintenance of the water system.   RCC members also stay in touch with the local Rotary Club; the Rotarians act as mentors to the RCC in identifying other local needs and finding community-based solutions.