Reading for Peace
Reading for Peace program has been a staple of The Conflict Center’s violence prevention programs for 30 years.  In 2019, the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High partnered with The Conflict Center to participate in this highly effective program.  Denver Mile High members joined with 20 Career Education Center (CEC) students this spring to read to young students at Valdez Elementary, with The Conflict Center providing adult support and supervision.
The books read focused on teaching and reinforcing skills around the themes of peacemaking, relationship building, problem solving and violence prevention.  Valdez Elementary is a highly impacted school with a high percentage of poverty and second language learners. 
The Reading for Peace program supported the literacy needs of the students and had a positive impact on approximately 200 students.  Denver Mile High Rotary helped fund the books used in the reading program and will continue to participate in the program in the future.