Metro Caring
 Metro Caring is Denver's frontline anti-hunger organization. They work with the community to meet people‚Äôs immediate need for nutritious food while building a movement to address the root causes of hunger by providing nutritious groceries to the community and offering comprehensive anti-hunger resources so that families can break the cycle of poverty.
They serve tens of thousands in the Denver Metro Area by offering a variety of programs related to food security and nutrition.   Their client base typically consists of the working poor, single family households, vets, the elderly and college students. 

The Urban Gardening program enables community members to grow their own fresh food in the organization's garden beds. The participating families maintain and manage their gardens.  And each year the demand increases.
Denver Mile High and Cherry Creek Rotary Clubs took up the challenge of providing much needed new gardening beds.  The two Clubs combined cash with District Matching funds to create a $5,000 District Grant to assist Metro Caring. 
Fourteen members from the two Clubs worked approximately five hours each to build five new raised garden beds.  They also cleaned up some of the current beds and provided to Metro Caring the excess soil and compost to be used in future new garden beds.  Altogether, Rotarians spent 70 hours working on the garden beds.
Tom Cella, a Denver Mile High Rotarian, was able to acquire the wood purchased at a discount and deliver it at his expense.  He also provided necessary tools which eliminated the cost of equipment rental.   It was a very successful project and Denver Mile High is looking forward to more engagement with the organization in the future