Hemodialysis Machines in Brazil
Santa Catarina State in Brazil has approximately 1.4 million residents and currently has dialysis machines, some as old as 13 years, providing treatment for chronic kidney disease for 650 patients per month.   These machines are the difference between life and death, and additional machines were sorely needed.
The local  Rotarians from the Blumenau Rotary Club reached out to former member Alessandro Eichstaedt, now a member of Denver Mile High to jointly sponsor a Rotary Global Grant.   Gaining support from other Brazilian Rotary Districts, they gathered financial commitments from 24 additional Rotary Clubs in Brazil and the US.  In total, they raised over $126,000 for the project and were able to purchase 8 new machines. 
Incredibly, in less than 4 months, the project was developed, funded and the equipment was delivered to four local clinics. The celebration, attended by Alessandro and three other Denver Mile High Rotarians was fabulous, and 350 Rotarians from  Clubs and Districts in the region joined in the celebration.  This was an extraordinary collaboration of the local Hospitals, and Brazilian and Coloradan Rotarians.  Without question, the patients were the real winners with this Global Grant