Welcome.  Thank you for visiting the Denver Mile High Rotary (DMHR) website.  We hope you get a sense of Rotary as an incredible organization that offers opportunities for service and fellowship, both at home and around the world. 
One of the more impressive things that Rotary does is to enable Rotarians in different countries to work together with a community to implement solutions both successful and enduring. Many of our members have created such projects and traveled around the world to celebrate their successful outcomes.  
Closer to home, our local service activities primarily benefit kids and mental health.  We are always looking for new ways to serve the community through hands-on activities. In April we funded seven COVID19 grants to support our local non-profits in their disaster response programs.  Local volunteering gives us a chance to get to know our community better and that helps us to serve it better.
Fellowship, fundraising, and social events: we are always excited about the next thing on our calendars.  One of the best things about the Denver Mile High Rotary Club is our members.  While very diverse in background, experience, age, and more, we share a common thread that brings us together: the desire to do good in the world, while having fun!  We would love to have you visit us.
Brad Thompson, President 2020-2021