2021-2022 Scholars
First Annual Rotary Club of Denver Mile High Scholars
  Joanna Padilla Zepeda
Joanna Padilla was born and raised in Colorado. She is a proud Hispanic female who aspires to become a doctor and provide healthcare to those most in need. She has been accepted as a student at University of Colorado in the BA/BS-MD healthcare program that provides a reserved spot at the University of Colorado School of Medicine after completing her undergraduate studies. She will be a first generation college student.
Joanna’s compassion for others is displayed in everything that she does.  Throughout high school she has consistently participated in service activities, including Adopt-a-Street, tutoring elementary school students with reading challenges, and volunteering at the Food Bank for the Rockies.  She participated in the Interact Club, a Rotary youth program that emphasizes community service.  Her primary goal is to break down the barriers that minorities experience when in need of medical care.  One of her teachers describes Joanna as having the compassion to help and the absolute determination to make her goals come true.
Roxette De Jesus Primero
Roxette is the daughter of a single mother who immigrated from Mexico.  Roxette was born and raised in Aurora and has been, since an early age, an elotera (corn vendor) in her community.  She has been class president for 4 years, participated in sports as well as in Student Leadership and the National Honor Society.
She speaks several languages and will be studying pre-med at University of Southern California. She has successfully completed a number of high level courses to prepare her for the medical field.  She will also be a first generation college student.
One of Roxette’s teachers describes Roxette as a “young woman of substance,” referring to her leadership and strong commitment to helping others. Through her work as an elotera, Roxette has observed how language can create barriers for newcomers to the school.  She has made it her mission to provide high school announcements and posters translated into many of  the languages spoken by her fellow students to help them become more included and engaged.  She hopes her continued efforts will help communities become more united by breaking down language barriers that would typically separate them.
Donors to the Scholarship Fund as of June 30, 2021
Sonny Weigand and Dan Himelspach, who initiated the program,Tony Vaida, Patricia Gorman Barry, Melanie Gentz, Carolyn Schrader, Brad Thompson, Bruce Ward, Amy Weed, Diane Messamore
Friends who contributed were:
Terry Tomsick, Terry and Karen Senier,  Marty McDonald, Mary Davis, Patricia Fiske, Lynn Miller