Denver Mile High
University Club
1673 Sherman St,
Denver,, CO  80203
United States of America
Artist/Photographer/DMH club member Kevin LeVezu will be sharing his work and passion of fire photography. Kevin is a pioneer in this field and is considered one of the best fire photographers in the world. He is a staff fire photographer for events like Burningman and he has taught classes on the subject throughout the United States. 

Before the meeting, Kevin will be showing 15-20 of his pieces in an impromptu art gallery at the University Club. Later, for our program, he will explore the art form further and share some insights into the techniques he uses, people he collaborates with and the adventures he has been on. 

Please come early to explore his work and enjoy our club fellowship. Please note that Kevin will have two high school students with him from the Video Cinema Arts department at the Denver School of the Arts who will be video taping this for an upcoming project on the subject. So, you may end up in a video as well :).