Upcoming Program at the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High
Since the inception of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry, Joel Russman has counseled a variety of clients on a wide range of issues in the marijuana industry, from general business law  and planning to real estate and to regulatory issues and interpretation of the legal issues.
Joel plays an active role in educating business owners and the legal community about  the evolving state of medical and legalized marijuana issues related to this new growing industry. In July 2010 - just a month after House Bill 1284 became law - Joel presented one of the first continuing legal education seminars in Colorado on medical marijuana regulation and business issues, co-presenting with Matt Cook, then Senior Director of the Medical Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue.
If you are curious about what it means  to have legalized medical and recreational marijuana in Colorado, attend this presentation on January 13, 2016 for a factual overview of how this historic legal change is affecting the state, reviewing both challenges and opportunities.