Denver Mile High Rotary wrapped-up the school year at Harrington Elementary packing 475 PowerSacks for the kids to take food home for the weekend today. "It's awesome what our team can accomplish before 8:15 on a Friday morning," said project organizer, Greg Thielen. "These kids really appreciate our efforts. Seeing the smiles we bring to their faces makes it even more special," he continued. DMHR will return in the fall to Harrington Elementary to fill food bags each Friday morning during the school year. Interested in learning how you can support us? Please visit Food for Thought to learn more.
Here is a thank you letter we received from one of the kids:

Dear Food For Thought, 

Thank you for all these beautiful foods you guys are the best people in the world. I really do like the food. I really want you guys to have a break. I'll do anything you want. I don't know how to repay you guys. All the things you do are amazing. Just tell me when you get a chance. You changed my whole entire world. 

From your little girl named,